The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Amazon’s The Romanoffs tells the stories of people who believe they are descendants of the Romanovs. Each episode tells a new story in a different part of the world. This episode, set in Paris, follows Anastasia “Anushka” LaCharnay and her American nephew, Greg Moffat.

The Apartment

Anusha was an older woman, who had been “dying” for four years. She had collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. Greg arrived at the hospital after canceling his vacation with his girlfriend. When he brought her back to her luxurious apartment, she promptly fired her caregiver for leaving her dog alone. When the new caregiver, Hajar, arrived at the apartment, Anushka was immediately distrustful of her. She was a Muslim woman, who was studying to be a nurse. When she complained to Greg, he commented that she had fired all the other ones from the agency.

Anushka begrudgingly tolerated Hajar’s presence, but they eventually grew close. She told Hajar about her family’s history. Hajar was particularly interested in the Fabergé egg that turned out to be fake since the original was stolen by the Nazis. Anushka spoke of her son, who had drowned, when the night had ominously turned violet. When Anushka collapsed again, Hajar was the only one there to take care of her since Greg hadn’t answered his phone. Anushka amended her will to leave her apartment to Hajar instead of Greg.

The Hotel

The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Greg and his girlfriend Sophie ran the Hotel Palais. Sophie hated Anushka and was simply waiting for her to die so Greg could inherit her apartment. For now, they stayed at the hotel, and they commented to their friends how patrons were becoming lower class despite the cost of staying there. Sophie believed that Greg lacked ambition, and when Anushka left the apartment to Hajar, she insisted he take care of it.

He waited for Hajar to leave for the day and insisted on speaking with her. Greg tried to persuade Hajar to refuse the apartment. He admitted to her that he had to try because of Sophie. They spoke about each other’s families. As they left, she fell and scraped her knee, and he took her back to the hotel. They slept together, and after she left, he told Sophie not to worry about the apartment. The next day, Hajar argued with Anushka, who fired her.

Two Months Later

The Romanoffs Season 1 Episode 1 Recap

Greg visited Anushka, and there was a new caregiver. While they went out to the pharmacy, Hajar and her mother showed up at the hotel. Sophie took them to the apartment, and Greg and Anushka were there when they arrived. Sophie had hoped the news that Hajar was pregnant would finally kill Anushka. However, Greg was happy to find out and so was Anushka. All she wanted was for the line to continue. In anger, Sophie stole the fake Fabergé egg and stormed out. We see Anushka looking on at Greg and Hajar together and the night turning violet as she goes to bed.

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